neuron earrings


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neuron earrings
neuron earrings
neuron earrings



Have you got to nerves to wear a neuron necklace? ☺️.

  • Premium 925 durable sterling silver
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Lead and allergen free
  • Glossy metallic finish beautiful in the sunlight

All our neuron earrings are handmade with precision from highly durable 925 sterling silver and lead-free, to give you a sleek realist design of the much-loved neurons of the brain and body. Neurons are the responsible for all actions within the human body so I guess it’s your neurons driving you to read this description now, why not show your neurons some love and appreciation today by adding them to your latest Jewelry collection today so you can reveal your love for biology to the world! 


Discover how our awesome sterling silver necklaces can be the icing on the cake of your jewelry collection that expresses your unique personality to friends, family and the world! We strive for quality and this necklace is made up of solid silver. It's sleek and shiny metallic finish is bound to make you stand out from everyone with that lovely new dress your eagerly waiting to wear!

Right now we have a MASSIVE 40% off! Sale ends today and they are selling out fast so hurry to get yours now. Shipped within the next 24 hours!

Imagine a friendly dinner with this biology antique o you and the flattering compliments and great conversation starters this necklace would make for you to strike up an interesting conversation about your passion. This is something you need and we have it on sale right now with our limited offer. Don't wait until the price goes back up... Get It Now!

This sale could end at any time so make sure you get yours now before its too late!




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    neuron earrings
    neuron earrings
    neuron earrings

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